Klezmer Podcast 134- Louisa Lyne

Yiddish and Klezmer from Sweden



Klezmer Podcast 134- Louisa Lyne.

Louisa Lyne is a wonderful Yiddish singer from Malmo, Sweden. She performs with her group Di Yiddishe Kapelye and have been on the scene for several years. Her latest album

is A Farblondzhete Blondinke a collection of well know favorites and original songs. We get to listen to A Heymisher Bulgar and her new single S’nemt A Nar a Yiddish translation of a Swedish pop song. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Run time: 35:58.

Klezmer Podcast 128- Lenka Lichtenberg

Yiddish Music From Genghis Cohen

Lenka Lichtenberg

Lenka Lichtenberg

Yiddish Journey

Yiddish Journey

Lenka Lichtenberg is a vocalist based in Toronto, Canada and is always finding new ways to create Jewish music. Her latest album, Yiddish Journey, takes us on another musical adventure. Lenka has a unique style that blends traditional elements with cross- cultural influences, such as using Oud and Tabla instruments. I recorded this episode at her performance in Los Angeles at Genghis Cohen, and we hear the track Hey, Tsigelekh from her live set. This track is also on the album.

Run time: 29:40

Klezmer Podcast 124- San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir



Klezmer Podcast 124- San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir

Kochi: A Musical Journey Celebrating The History Of The Jews In India


This episode features an interview with Ruth Weber, Director of the San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir. Their latest album, Kochi,  was released today, and blends Jewish and Indian music. This is a new way of thinking about Jewish music, but is reflective of the rich history of Jewish culture in India, particularly the city of Cochin. Featuring instrumental arrangements by Ricky Kej and Vanil Veigas of India, these songs are transformed by the blending of traditional Indian instruments with the Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino texts. We hear the track Sha Shtil from the album. A portion of the album proceeds will be donated to the Gabriel Project Mumbai, providing relief to children living in the slums of Mumbai.

Run time: 23:47


Klezmer Podcast 123- Litvakus

Klezmer From Belarus

Zisl Slepovich

Zisl Slepovitch


Klezmer Podcast 123- Litvakus. This episode features an interview with Zisl Slepovitch of the new band Litvakus, from Brooklyn. They have just released their first album Raysn- The Music of Jewish Belarus. Zisl is a great musician, singer, musicologist, and Yiddishist. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, he brings the music of that region to New York, where he blends the traditional repertoire with his own original works. We hear the track Zisl’s Sher and Karahod from the album.

Run time: 30:15.

Klezmer Podcast 116- Isle Of Klezbos

Klezmer in New York City


Isle Of Klezbos

Isle Of Klezbos

Live From Brooklyn

Live From Brooklyn

Klezmer Podcast 116- Isle Of Klezbos. This Podcast episode features Eve Sicular of the Isle Of Klezbos, based in New York City. Their latest album is Live From Brooklyn, and features a wide range of Klezmer styles, from traditional to jazz and reggae. The band has a lot of exciting news to share about current and upcoming projects and gigs. Hear Eve give all the inside scoop, plus hear about the in-depth research that was done to get the album ready.
Run time: 32:48.