Klezmer Podcast 120- Steven Greenman

Klezmer Violinist Steven Greenman

Steven Greenman

Steven Greenman

Stepenyu's NeshomeKlezmer Podcast 120- Steven Greenman. This episode features an interview with Violinist Steven Greenman. Steven is a long time Klezmer musician who is also a master of Gypsy/Roma and Classical music. Here Steven speaks about his recent projects such as a collaboration with Chinese Pipa artist Gao Hong. He also performs regularly with Harmonia, Joel Rubin, Pete Rushefsky, Kurt Bjorling, Annette BjorlingAlexander Fedoriouk, and Heather Klein. His latest album is Stepenyu’s Neshome, and we hear the track Plea/Supplication.

Run time: 20:58.

Klezmer Podcast 118- David Buchbinder

David Buchbinder at Ashkenaz Festival 2014


David Buchbinder

David Buchbinder at Ashkenaz Festival 2014

Klezmer Podcast 118- David Buchbinder. Canadian Trumpeter Devid Buchbinder returns to Klezmer Podcast as part of my series from the 2014 Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto. David is involved in several projects, and his Odessa/Havana group has released their second album, Walk To The Sea, a continuation of his exploration of Latin/Jewish/Jazz music, with Pianist Hilario Duran. From the album, we hear the track Coffee Works.
Run time: 32:46.


Klezmer Podcast 117- Briga

Klezmer At Ashkenaz 2014


Briga At Ashkenaz

Briga at Ashkenaz

Briga Wake

Briga Wake


Klezmer Podcast 117: Briga
This episode begins a series of interviews made during the Ashkenaz Festival 2014 held in Toronto. My guest on this episode is Brigitte Briga Dajczer of the band Briga, based in Montreal. She has released several albums to date, and here we listen to Filipovtsi Kutchek from her album Wake.
Run time: 22:50.

Klezmer Podcast 108- London Klezmer Quartet

Ilana Cravitz

Ilana Cravitz of London Klezmer Quartet

London Klezmer Quartet

Welcome to Butterfield Green N16

Klezmer Podcast 108- London Klezmer Quartet. This episode features a return visit with Ilana Cravitz of London Klezmer Quartet. LKQ have released their second album, Welcome to Butterfield Green N16. The album features both classic klezmer pieces and new works composed by Cravitz and band members Susi Evans and Carol Isaacs. We hear the track Butterfield Green Kolomeyke from the album. Others mentioned in the interview are Henry Sapoznik,  Suzy Klein and Ernie Gruner.
Run time: 21:44.

Klezmer Podcast 96- Hankus Netsky

Hankus Netsky

Hankus Netsky

Klezmer Podcast 96- Hankus Netsky. On this episode, I visit with Hankus Netsky of the New England Conservatory. We talk about his latest project, Eternal Echoes: Songs And Dances For The Soul, a collaboration with Itzhak Perlman and Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot. Netsky was Co-Producer and Musical Director for the album, and we hear what it was like to work with these two renowned artists.
Run time: 26:32