Klezmer Podcast 125- The Spike Orchestra

Radical Jewish Music





Sam Eastmond of The Spike Orchestra is a composer, arranger, and Trumpet player in London, UK. The latest album GHETTO is an exploration of WW II life in the Warsaw Ghetto, through a suite of pieces comprising a 20- piece big band, a 10- piece Spiketet, and a Trumpet/Voice duo. Eastmond describes the genre loosely as “Cartoon- Post-Bop Jazz and Klezmer music with a big band.” And that about sums it up. Enjoy our lively, wide-ranging discussion, and a fresh take on Jewish Music. We hear the full track Uprising, and a snippet of Child Smugglers from the album.

Run time: 1:02:19.

Klezmer Podcast 108- London Klezmer Quartet

Ilana Cravitz

Ilana Cravitz of London Klezmer Quartet

London Klezmer Quartet

Welcome to Butterfield Green N16

Klezmer Podcast 108- London Klezmer Quartet. This episode features a return visit with Ilana Cravitz of London Klezmer Quartet. LKQ have released their second album, Welcome to Butterfield Green N16. The album features both classic klezmer pieces and new works composed by Cravitz and band members Susi Evans and Carol Isaacs. We hear the track Butterfield Green Kolomeyke from the album. Others mentioned in the interview are Henry Sapoznik,  Suzy Klein and Ernie Gruner.
Run time: 21:44.

Klezmer Podcast 105- Shir

Ivor Goldberg

Ivor Goldberg- Shir

Klezmer Podcast 105- Shir. My interview guest on this episode is Ivor Goldberg of the band Shir, based in london, UK. Shir have released three albums, play in Klezmer, Israeli, and Sephardic styles, and sing in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino. We hear two tracks, Shecharchoret and Silver Wedding, both from the album Ashk’farad.
Run time: 32:33.



Klezmer Podcast 103- Klezmer Kollectiv

Klezmer Kollectiv

James, Jacob, and Adam of Klezmer Kollectiv

Album Cover

Album Cover

Klezmer Podcast 103- Klezmer Kollectiv. Among the new crop of Klezmer bands in the UK is Klezmer Kollectiv. They’ve been spreading the joy to young audiences in clubs around the London area, and have garnered a loyal following. I met up with three of the band members: Adam Cross-Clarinet; Jacob Shaw-Sax; James Hulme-Cajon. We hear the track Uberklez from the album Live at Green Note. This interview was recorded on 17 February 2013.
Run time: 28:16.

Klezmer Podcast 100- Trans Siberian March Band

Trans Siberian March Band

Trans Siberian March Band

The Tractor Makers’ Ball

Klezmer Podcast 100- Trans Siberian March Band. Welcome to the 100th episode of Klezmer Podcast. Since it began in January 2007, I have met amazing musicians from around the world, and have made friends with so many of them. The fans have been wonderful as well, and I appreciate your support. While in London recently, I attended the Victory At Stalingrad 70th Anniversary Night Out, which featured Trans Siberian March Band as the headliner. The band plays a mix of Eastern European styles, and is as much fun to watch as they are to listen to. They are dedicated to their music, and have put their own twist on the traditional sounds, plus writing originals in the same style. We hear the track Sher from the album The Tractor Makers’ Ball.
Run time: 17:15.