Klezmer Podcast 110- Klezmerson


Benjamin and Dan- Klezmerson



Klezmer Podcast 110- Klezmerson. On this episode my interview guests are Benjamin Shwartz and Dan Zlotnik of the band Klezmerson, from Mexico City. Klezmerson blends Latin rhythms and Klezmer to create a unique musical style all their own. We hear the track Augmented from the album 7. I caught the band at Skirball Center in Los Angeles on 5 October, 2013.
Run time: 17:40

Klezmer Podcast 104- Daphna Sadeh

Klezmer Podcast 104- Daphna Sadeh. On this episode of the podcast my guest is Daphna Sadeh. Daphna is a musician and composer originally from Israel, and now living in the UK. We discuss her most recent work, Born In Parallel, a four- movement piece combining elements of Middle Eastern, Jazz, and Baroque Classical styles. We also hear the track Gulliver In Jerusalem from the album Reconciliation by her group Daphna Sadeh & the Voyagers.

Run time: 27:44.

Klezmer Podcast 102- Zebrina



Trail CD Cover from Bandcamp


Klezmer Podcast 102- Zebrina. This episode features an interview with Jonathan Feldman, leader of Zebrina, a Toronto-based Klezmer/Jazz fusion band. Jonathan explains his Jazz roots and how he came to Klezmer through his association with John Zorn. The Jazz is straight-ahead, and be sure to check out Jonathan playing the Rhodes keyboard. Zebrina’s latest album is Trail Of The Hunter-Gatherers, and we hear the track Garden of Jah from the album. The interview was recorded on 14 February 2013.
Run time: 28:37.

Band members:
Jonathan Kay – clarinet & saxophone
Joel Schwartz – guitar & madolin
Bret Higgins – bass
Colin Kingsmore – drums
Max Senitt – percussion
Jon Feldman – keyboards

Klezmer Podcast 92- Alon Nechushtan

Alon Nechushtan

Klezmer Podcast 92- Alon Nechushtan. This episode of the podcast features Jazz with a Jewish twist from Alon Nechushtan and his group Talat. The band is based in New York, and blends contemporary jazz with Jewish melodies. We hear the track Romanseiro (River of Tears) from the album The Growl.

Run time: 16:32.

Klezmer Podcast 75- Joel Rubin

Joel Rubin

Joel Rubin








Klezmer Podcast 75- Joel Rubin. This episode features an interview with Joel Rubin. Joel is a Clarinetist, ethnomusicologist, and is on the faculty of the University of Virginia. This is his second appearance on the Podcast. His group, The Joel Rubin Ensemble, has a new album on Traditional Crossroads, The Nign of Reb Mendel- Hasidic Songs in Yiddish. The album features Rabbi Eli Silberstein on Vocals. After the interview, we hear Esn Est Zikh (Eating Is an Easy Task) from the album.

Run time: 24:48.