Klezmer Podcast 121- Simja Dujov

Simja Dujov Klezmer, Gypsy, Cumbia, Surf, etc.


Santificaras la fiesta

Santificaras La Fiesta

Simja Dujov

Simja Dujov

Klezmer Podcast 121- Simja Dujov. Another episode from the 2014 Ashkenaz Festival, my guest is Simja Dujov of Argentina. There is a diverse Jewish music scene there, and Dujov pushes the limits with his DJ mix of Klezmer, Gypsy, Cumbia, and Surf music. He puts on a high energy multimedia show that keeps the audience on their feet. We hear the track Shalom from his album Santificaras La Fiesta.

Run time: 18:24

Klezmer Podcast 120- Steven Greenman

Klezmer Violinist Steven Greenman

Steven Greenman

Steven Greenman

Stepenyu's NeshomeKlezmer Podcast 120- Steven Greenman. This episode features an interview with Violinist Steven Greenman. Steven is a long time Klezmer musician who is also a master of Gypsy/Roma and Classical music. Here Steven speaks about his recent projects such as a collaboration with Chinese Pipa artist Gao Hong. He also performs regularly with Harmonia, Joel Rubin, Pete Rushefsky, Kurt Bjorling, Annette BjorlingAlexander Fedoriouk, and Heather Klein. His latest album is Stepenyu’s Neshome, and we hear the track Plea/Supplication.

Run time: 20:58.