Klezmer Podcast 109- Jaffa Road

Jaffa Road

Jaffa Road at Kleztival

Where The Light Gets In


Klezmer Podcast 109- Jaffa Road. This episode features an interview with the members of Jaffa Road, while they were in residence at Kleztival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We hear the track Avre Los Ojos from the album Where The Light Gets In. We also hear from Aviva on her track Chadesh Yameinu from the album when I arrived you were already there. And we hear the jazz Sax and Vocal of Sundar on I Thought About You from his album What A Dream I Had.
Run time: 37:29

Klezmer Podcast 103- Klezmer Kollectiv

Klezmer Kollectiv

James, Jacob, and Adam of Klezmer Kollectiv

Album Cover

Album Cover

Klezmer Podcast 103- Klezmer Kollectiv. Among the new crop of Klezmer bands in the UK is Klezmer Kollectiv. They’ve been spreading the joy to young audiences in clubs around the London area, and have garnered a loyal following. I met up with three of the band members: Adam Cross-Clarinet; Jacob Shaw-Sax; James Hulme-Cajon. We hear the track Uberklez from the album Live at Green Note. This interview was recorded on 17 February 2013.
Run time: 28:16.

Klezmer Podcast 94- Gefilte Swing

Gefilte Swing- Laurent, Muriel, Alexandre, Sylvain, YannYidl Mitn Swing Cover






Yidl Mitn Swing CD Label


Klezmer Podcast 94- Gefilte Swing. While visiting Paris, I was able to catch a performance by Gefilte Swing, a band that specializes in Swing-Era Yiddish song. They have great energy, and have a real love for this music. We hear the track Besarabye from the album Yidl Mitn Swing. And check out the retro 78- record style label on the CD!
Run time: 17:56.

Klezmer Podcast 86- Benjy Fox-Rosen

Benjy Fox-RosenKlezmer Podcast 86- Benjy Fox-Rosen. One of my favorite Klezmer friends is Bassist/Vocalist Benjy Fox-Rosen. He is in great demand on the Klezmer scene, and recently launched his first album as a Klezmer bandleader, Tick Tock. It is a great album, and features many top performers in the genre. We hear his track Hudl Mitn Strudl.
Run time: 16:27

Klezmer Podcast 85- The Shpil

The Shpil

The Shpil

Klezmer Podcast 85- The Shpil. This episode features an interview with The Shpil, a band from Los Angeles. They performed at Genghis Cohen, and we hear their live performance of Samuel Goldberg Variations. The band performs traditional Klezmer and Yiddish styles, plus other styles that have been given a Klezmer treatment.
Run time: 20.28.